Editor’s Note to the Readers

Issue 2. 

We are glad to be able to send forth the second issue of this new free magazine, The New Cruse. In this issue we are looking at the Remnant 

All through the ages when God’s people started to corrupt the knowledge of His ways, will and Word, He preserved to Himself what He called a Remnant. This remnant was a group of genuine believers who stayed pure in their faith and lifestyle.  

They were usually all that was left of the genuine after apostasy, compromise, disaster and judgement passed through the land. It was in an hour of great darkness and oppression that God’s Remnant stood forth, separate from corruption.  

The Lord has only ever had one of two things in the earth, a Remnant or a Revival.  

After the Revival fades and disappears; after the tide goes out; all that is left is a scattered Remnant. 

At this stage they are not much to look at, but out of this scattered Remnant God always calls His people back to His Divine original pattern as laid out in Scripture. This Remnant is then moulded into a vessel and prepared for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost.  

The Remnant becomes a great host as revival comes again and remains such until compromise and declension sets in again. This is the glorious and also sad history of the ebb and flow of the Remnant and Revival. 

This issue of The New Cruse is being sent forth to God’s Remnant who will not bow the knee to compromise, false doctrine and false prophets; to those who are grieved and burdened for God’s glory and God’s Church in this hour; to those who are now being prepared to return once more to God’s ways and to a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in the earth.

May the Lord inspire, encourage, en-vision and strengthen you as you read. God Bless you.  

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Keith Malcomson



“ with a remnant. He only deals with a remnant. He is always seeking a remnant. Everything he does is for a remnant. He builds his house with a remnant. God looks upon a remnant as the greatest treasure in the world.” – Don Fortner 

“God always had a remnant and that remnant does not mean the insignificant end of a thing, but it is characterised by the brightest trait of the original.” – J.B. Stoney


Heaven Sent Revival